Chapter 18

I hissed in annoyance as I exited the bank and drove my car out. How fucking dare that scumbag freezes my account without remorse; he had better fix it before I do something worse.

I drove faster at high speed. Hoping I don't get into an accident. I'll just end up dying in regret because I didn't fulfil my fathers' wishes. That jerk will not be the end of me. I thought he was a nice guy; I couldn't believe I fell for his blue eyes; if only he knew how much I despised him; he should be grateful I didn't punch that cute face of his.

Why did I find him attractive in the first place? Before horning at Jackson House's gate, I cringe at the thought. . After the security guard opens the door, I drive-in. I park in the front, ignoring the parking space, and walk into the living room.

My nostrils were welcomed by the good aroma that came from the kitchen, and I couldn't help but walk into the kitchen, where Jackson was busy cooking.

"You should have opened a resta

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