Chapter 24


 "Sir, Lucas daughter is alive and well," David, my PA, said.

"What?" "That must be rumours," I said, shaking my head in disbelief.

"Sir, she's the same girl who sent you an anonymous message a few months ago, and she's also the girl who kidnapped one of our trusted members," David added.

"How is she still alive?" I was perplexed and inquired.

"That's something I don't know either, but I recall you telling Jay to shoot her and burn down the entire house."

"Then what could have gone wrong?" "Who saves that b*tch who is now threatening me?" I yell angrily.

"Bring Jay here right now," I order and pace back and forth in my living room; how dare he spare that child's life?

He was brought inside right away, and he quickly got down on his knees, pleading for his life despite the fact that he had no idea what he had done wrong.

"Did you spare the child behind me sixteen years ago, after I killed Lucas?" I inquired

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