Chapter 58

Osiris pov

I don’t know what I expected when I sent the letters. Was I naïve in thinking that Kendrick would change his mind once he found out his mother didn’t just leave him behind so easily?

“At least your mom can look down and see her letters have finally arrived at their destination,” Lily had said a days ago.

She was really proud of me for sending the letters, even after what Kendrick had done.

“I am doing this for my mom and for the pack.” I had told her.

I had hoped that Kendrick would feel terrible guilt for his actions. I still felt guilty for being mean to them before they died and he had actually killed them.

“You know I think you need to be a normal person to actually feel guilt,” Santos said “not a psychopath.”

It only took three days from the moment the letters were delivered, until Luna Isabella let me know the Midnight Blood pack was on the move. I mindlinked everyone to get on high alert. The kids and elderly went to the Blood River pack and the rest us prepare
Naomi D.

Will Osiris survive the attack? What did Lily mean when she said look to your left?

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