Chapter 91

Lily’s pov

My mother couldn’t stay long, although Charlotte was doing well, my mom still feared leaving her alone for too long. Apparently the first few weeks had been really rough, if it wasn’t for Amelia Charlotte might have hurt herself. I tried to apologize, but my mom stopped me “Lily I don’t blame you or Osiris. The only one to blame for this is Alpha Gabriel and Charlotte is slowly realizing this too.” She gave me a big hug “we are going to focus on you for these two days I am here and I only want to hear about the wedding and your future husband okay?” I smiled and hugged her tightly “thanks mom.”

I really was grateful for my mom, but as soon as she pulled out a big binder and started asking me questions I started to regret inventing her. No way a wedding was this much work right? “We bought all the dresses yesterday, so today we are deciding the floral arrangement, the decorations for the party and the menu.” She paused, I thought she was done, but

Naomi D.

Wedding will be the next chapter and after that I am going to write a chapter from the point of view of one of Lily's sisters. Can you guess which? as always thanks for reading. I try to find every comment and like or add a message, but I don't get a notification or where the comments are located and have to scroll through every chapter on the app. reviews and gems are also really welcome. I love to know what you think.

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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Melba Redwine
Really loved the way it flows. I am from Texas.
goodnovel comment avatar
Jeanthale (talia)
I can’t wait im so crashing this wedding i want to visualize that im a guest. Love how lily mother is. I like also that we got the chance to read a bit about her. Hoop charlotte’s is getting the help she need
goodnovel comment avatar
Sandra Dudgeon
I can't wait for the wedding .... I am going to guess Charlotte 's perspective.

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