Chapter 120

Lily’s pov

“So tell me all about Charlotte and her Beta!” I shouted as soon as Jara and Emma were back.

They both started to laugh and Emma hugged me. “Where is my favorite nephew?”

“He is your only nephew,” I replied with a wink. “He’s having breakfast with Osiris. So tell me!”

“I didn’t know you liked to gossip so much.” Emma joked. “But Beta Eros and Charlotte are now officially together. They professes their love and they had some loud day time sex. It was a good thing all the kids were at school. O my Goddess, the sounds they were making. I take anything to forget those.” Emma said as she put her hands over her ears.

Jara and I both laughed. “That bad huh?”

Emma nodded, “yeah, I am happy we don’t share a house together. I wouldn’t be able to look at you if I heard you having sex with the Alpha.”

I continued to laugh, the tears were now streaming from my eyes. “He is your brother in law and it’s not like you don’t

Naomi D.

Sorry for not writing sooner. I was watching Bridgerton and went out to see the cherry blossom trees in our local park with my family. Will post again soon.

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Jeanthale (talia)
Than you for the chapter so love the gossip part. Omg human/hunters hope lily would overcome her trauma and fight if it get that far

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