Chapter 131

April's pov

“Hi Cyrus, Lu- Lily.” I said, suddenly feeling really self-conscious about my appearance. By chance I had taken a shower and brushed my teeth, but I was dressed in shorts and a tank top. I wasn’t even wearing a bra or any make-up. My hair was flat on my head, while I usually styled my pixie cut with wax and other hair products.

“O so that’s where the rest of your tattoos are.” Cyrus said looking at my legs and my chest. I had flowers on my upper legs and Oliver’s name written above my collarbone next to some butterflies.

He looked over at my leg and I didn’t see pity or disgust in his eyes. “Your friend told me that these fuckers took you with them, but were caught by the police.  They had to amputate your leg due to the accident?”

I nodded and looked at Luna Lily.

“I told him they took you with them to sell you. That your leg turned gangrene, because they refused to get you to a hospital. But were caught by the police. I watc

Naomi D.

the second part. As always if you'd like another chapter from her point of view, let me know. otherwise i'll go back to Lily and Osiris and tell what happened to April and Cyrus through their eyes. thanks for reading. love to know what you think.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Yes, please write more about April and Cyrus! Would love to see them together as a couple
goodnovel comment avatar
Naomi D
was thinking of writing from Cyrus pov too. thanks for the suggestion :)
goodnovel comment avatar
Naomi D
will write more! love that you like it!

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