Chapter 139

April’s pov

Cyrus and I would be leaving tomorrow to get fitted for my prosthetic,  but Cyrus told me his brother and niece live nearby the city the hospital is at. He has visited his once or twice brother in ten years, but they talk and FaceTime. It’s not that far away, but I guess they both had a busy life.

He asked if we could go one day sooner and I couldn’t say no. He is doing so much for me and the least I can do is go to meet his brother. Luna Lily and Alpha Osiris don’t feel comfortable with me going by myself. It’s not that they don’t trust Cyrus, they clearly do or they wouldn’t let him in. But after what happened they think it’s not save for one werewolf to go out alone.

To my surprise Luna Lily and Alpha Osiris have said they’d join us, together with two soldiers. They are actually looking forward to some time with each other, Lily has been working hard on herself. She found it really hard in the past to let Asher be with anyone other than he

Naomi D.

What will happen with Cyrus' parents?

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Sue Paterson
why have we stopped
goodnovel comment avatar
Cyrus obviously just doesn’t want her to have to deal with his asshole parents
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Naomi D
i felt bad leaving you like this, so I quickly wrote another ;)

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