Chapter 153

April’s pov

“But this is your day! I shouldn’t be complaining to you now. Let’s just get you ready for the best day ever.” Meadow said.

She had just told us Chris had been trying to talk to her all week and that she wasn’t sure how she felt about the whole thing. I had a feeling there was more going on. Why would you change your pack so suddenly?

Luna Lily mindlinked me, we were all getting dressed for my wedding together.

“Meadow is right this is your day. But Chris thinks Meadow might be his second mate, but I want her to make her own decision about this without feeling influenced.”

“Wow, that is big! Thank you Luna Lily for telling me. I had a feeling he was here for more than a job change.” I replied, through our link.

Meadow was busy applying some make-up to her eyes. I really hoped Chris was the right guy for her. I didn’t expect to find someone after Richard, but Cyrus has been such a blessing. And today we will be officially ma

Naomi D.

Hope you liked the wedding! will see if I can write another chapter tonight .

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goodnovel comment avatar
That wedding was perfect for them. Love that Richard’s parents, Snake and Bear were there. All the important people :)
goodnovel comment avatar
Naomi D
glad you liked it!
goodnovel comment avatar
Naomi D
thanks so much!

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