Chapter 202

Lily’s pov

We found a cabin to hide in. I had no idea who’s cabin it was, but it was empty and safe. I felt bad for breaking into the cabin, but we would leave some money behind when we left. There were some canned foods in the pantry, so we ate those and just waited until we heard from Osiris.

April was lucky to be able to breastfeed Leia, the baby was doing well considering everything and April was healing too.

I just wanted to go back. I had been having contractions all day, probably due to stress and from walking to the cabin. It was quite a long walk.

“The car crash probably didn’t help either.” Arya said.

I didn’t want to steal attention from Leia and April, who needed Prisha’s help more now. Luckily Emma had fully healed already.

It took a few hours, hours that were very painful. But Osiris finally let us know we could come back. He was sending two cars and a lot of extra soldiers to our location. He told me he had learned a lot from the prisoners and he would tell me once
Naomi D.

You like the name? Two girls, Leia and Kate can be best friends. I will probably won't be abe to write until monday morning, so I wanted to leave you with a nice chapter.

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Beautiful name for the baby girl!
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Naomi D
chapter is finally here sorry had some computer issues
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Naomi D
thank you!

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