18th birthday

suspiciously, Clara stood aside and watched them, but they were still unable to notice her presence.

They were so engrossed in their whispering that they didn't even notice her and Clara was getting irritated just by watching them. something was definitely going on. Clara decided to interrupt.

Ahem!! she let out a fake cough to draw their attention and it worked.

Good morning sweetheart " Her Mom greeted.




Surprised,Clara hands flow to her mouth. Tears crowded her eyes. it was her birthday today and she didn't even remember. she was so lost in the recent nightmare's that she even forgot her own birthday.

She felt really touched by their care. Clara managed to sniff back her tears but a few tear drops escaped from eyes.

"No sweetheart you don't have to cry, today should be a happy day for you" her mom said, wiping the tears off Clara's cheeks.

Clara closed her eyes to regain her calm. when she opened them. she saw Raya holding a heart shaped chocolate cake in her hands and Gina was standing next to her.

They continued to sing the birthday song as they made their way to her.

Happy birthday Clara" Raya and Gina said in unison and then, Gina pulled her by the arm and walked Clara to the living room.

Raya placed the cake on the table, and signaled for Clara to come over and stand behind the table to cut the cake.

Clara did as she was told.

Now make a wish" Gina said with a wide grin on her face, everyone could hear the excitement in her voice.

"Make a wish honey," her mom added.

Seeing the wide smile on her mom's face and the faces of her friends, Clara nodded in agreement.

Joining both hands together she closed her eyes and made a wish,

She wished that her mom and friends would remain happy forever.

Clara stared at the beautifully decorated chocolate cake that was placed on the table.

The cake had eighteen small candles on top of it, which represented her new age.

After blowing out the candles, Clara cut the cake and placed a small piece in her mouth. The taste was heavenly, just as she imagined it to be. They all had their share of the cake.

Raya and Gina left the living room, but came back with wrapped packages in their hands, which Clara didn't notice, she was busy eating the chocolate cake.

Clara!!! Her mom called, and Clara raised her gaze to see her mom standing with her friends.

"This is for you," Gina said, giving her a small box wrapped with pink paper. Her mom and Raya also gave Clara a wrapped package. Clara collected it with a wide smile and then she placed it aside.

"I will open them later when I am alone in my room" she told them, Clara loved presents but she loved her people more.

They talked and chatted happily, until Clara's mind wandered elsewhere, distracting her from the present.. She couldn't believe that she forgot her birthday, she knew she had been worked up lately but she never realized it was this serious. Her thoughts wandered back her dreams of the tall silver eyed man. it made her feel strange.

Clara didn't know if it was curiosity, but she had the longing to meet this strange person. But then it was only a dream and it was never going to happen.

Lost in thought, Clara didn't even realize Gina was seated beside her and talking.

Snap Snap" Gina snapped her fingers in front of her face, to pull her out from wherever she had drifted off to.

"Are you alright"? Gina asked, looking at Clara like she was searching for the answer on her face. Which embarrassed Clara even more.

''Sorry i was carried away''said Clara while scratching the back of her neck to reduce her embarrassment,

"Why did Kyle not show up today"? Ask Clara.

"His grandparent will be arriving from the airport this morning, he went to pick them up , He said he will give you a call later". Gina replied

Clara nodded her head in relief, Glad she was able to change the topic,

She didn't want to keep her dreams to herself, but it just sound's crazy and she didn't even know where to start.

She shook her head to clear her mind from the thought and focused on the present. her friends and mom.

After hours of having a good time, and having lunch together, time had gone by quickly and it was already late evening.

Gina and Raya were prepared to take their leave and go back to their houses, they hugged Clara.

Take care Clara" Raya said,

"have some beauty sleep" Gina added

See you tomorrow" and don't forget we have a flight to catch. Raya said as they walked out of the door.

Clara hadn't thought much about the trip as her thoughts were occupied by the man in her dreams. she just realized she hadn't even thought about her future as she had just graduated high school. she hadn't thought much about anything. her dreams were distracting enough. she couldn't even close her eyes without having to see the silver eyed stranger.

but Clara loved fashion designing, and she wanted to be a fashion designer, but she hadn't made up her mind yet, she needed to find a reputable college to submit her application.

Clara was very beautiful girl, her emerald eyes shone like little crystals, enchanting anyone that stared into them and her black silky hair fell below her waist, Her voice was like melody to the ears. But Clara was oblivious to these charms.

climbing the stair and walking to her room Clara met her mom who was already dressed and in a hurry.

"Sweetheart, I have to go to work now, it's urgent,'' her mom said. And Clara nodded.

She gave clara a kiss on her forehead.

As much as Clara hated sleeping alone in this house,she was already used to it, and she knew her mom had to work in order keep the house going.

"I will be back early to see you off to the airport, " her mom said before stepping out of the house.

Clara stood still for a few minutes, not liking the sudden silence that reigned over the house.

And then she hastened her steps, curious to see what her friends got her

When Clara got inside her room, she sat on her bed, placed the wrapped packages between her thighs and started unwrapping them.

She found a small red velvety box, it was eye-catching, she ran her fingers around the edges before opening it to see what lay inside the box.

A silver earring lay beautifully inside the small box, the design was simple but very elegant, it had a note attached to the side which says:

Happy birthday Clara and I hope you like it. Kyle.

Clara smiled, Kyle always has the habit of giving expensively fancy presents.

Placing it aside, she quickly unwrapped the others, they were all beautiful and Clara loved and appreciated them.

Her mom gifted her a bracelet with her name inscribed on it, attached to was little dangling crystals hung down from it.

Raya got her a diary and Gina gifted a blue scarf.

She always mentioned how blue scarves complimented Clara's complexion.

Clara was undoubtedly very happy.

Raising from her bed, Clara placed the presents in the right places where they should be kept. She dumped the paper wraps in the trash can. She checked the time and it was almost midnight.

A sigh escaped Clara's lip, she decided to pack her bags as she had a flight to catch tomorrow, Clara became excited as she thought about their small getaway trip. She loves new adventures and discoveries.

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