Last night was a struggle for Clara. Conflicted emotions kept her awake and she laid on her bed, restless. Something wasn't right with her and never had she felt this way before. She found it hard to explain the way she felt. And what was it with the sudden heat that rose from within?. The tingling between her thighs was something she had never experienced before. It was all very strange, making her wonder if it had something to do with her powers. She sighed. There were so many things she didn't understand yet.

Slowly climbing out of bed, Clara walked to where her handbag was and fished out her schedule, thankfully she didn't have any lectures to attend for today. Great. She had lots of time to sleep. Clara walked into the bathroom and tried to calm herself with a bath but it didn't help much. The heat kept increasing coupled with the tingling between her thighs. Coming out of the bathroom, Clara walked to her closet and searched for the simplest dress she could slip into, then she br
Jess angel eye

The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool. William Shakespeare,

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