Tyr blinked rapidly, trying to process what Zane just said. Seeing the flustered reaction from the wolf prince, Zane jeered at him.

“Don’t get me wrong. I feel like, I won’t be able to sleep if you just leave me here.”

Zane flashed pleading eyes on Tyr, but the latter was still surprised by the unexpected request. So, Zane cleared his throat before speaking again.

“But, if you’re not used to sleeping with someone else on your bed, it’s fine.”

Tyr looked at him with a subtle curve on his lips before silently going out the room. Zane sharply exhaled. Well, at least Tyr’s scent will accompany him for the night. Maybe it’ll induce sleep on him. So, he just softly patted the soft duvet and carefully climbed on the bed. That’s when he heard footsteps coming to him. When he turned, Tyr was already standing beside his bed with the pillow and blanket he set for himself.

A huge smile immediate

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