“You’re improving, too. That’s good.” Tyr also complimented his omega.

“It was a pleasure to have sparring with you, Z-Zane.” Raven stuttered a bit calling Zane his name as he wasn’t sure how exactly to address the new wolf in Moon Stone.

“Let’s have another rounds tomorrow if you’d like.” Zane beamed at the gamma.

“Of course!”

Zeev playfully messed with Raven’s hair, and they wrapped up their morning sparring. Full moon is also just a few days from now, so they’ve been training with more time starting today. Zane will be with them on the next full moon hunt, and it will be his first time to experience the full moon shift as he requested to remove his necklace during the lunar event. So, he needs to train his mind again to call for his wolf and try taming him before full moon because it will be a really excruciating turn for him for the first time in tw

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go on zane, have faith in you wolf and tyr. hope he will not go rampage. let's pray love...

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