Crescent Luna has had quite an unpleasant history in the wolf world for having been led by several unrighteous royalties for years until Aedion of the Crescent Luna became the king alpha, bringing peace and tightening the pack’s bond with each other. It was a lot of struggles for Crescent Luna pack to be where they were, and it was all thanks to King Alpha Aedion who protected their pack from crumbling down and be terrorized again by the previous greedy royals that fought over the crown status.

His mate Lilith had also helped him win the pack over and played a very important role in protecting the young Raini who also became the crown princess when her brother alpha Aedion succeeded the throne. It was a tough childhood for princess Raini witnessing battles after battles within the Crescent Luna and despite turning at an early age, she became a strong warrior protecting their own pack alongside her brother from corrupt wolves. Growing up, she always has a kind heart that

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