Ch. 3 — Sold

Nushi's P.O.V —— •

I keep on staring into his mesmerizing eyes while he sees into mine also. We seem so lost into each other's eyes that he is not ready to loosen his grip on my wrist. I don't feel pain though. I don't feel pain upon his touch, instead, it feels like a feather to me. His face is straight and recognizable as I come to know that he is the same person that has created havoc in today's youngsters' life. The most lovable man of today's time — Kang Sian, an Indian- Korean popstar, with whom I had a chance encounter earlier. 

He must have forgotten about our meeting, because it was just for a few minutes. He must have hardly seen my face. 

"Hey, what are you doing?" I snap out of my memory because of Lakshit as he snaps his fingers in front of my eyes. I jerk and come out from my memory and let out a sigh of fear, a sign of anxiousness. 

"Take her," Lakshit orders the prost*tutes to take me from there. 

I don't want to go, I want to stay here, hear his voice, hear Kang Sian's voice. He says nothing, instead only keeps staring at me until I disappear from his sight. Again I find his face blurry as I move far away from him. His gaze penetrates my soul and then I turn my face as I see him no more. 

He seems quiet, but that's not what his actual personality is like. He stays cheerful always. What's gotten to him? Why did he seem so sad? Or is it because he was just surprised by my beauty? It can be anything, any reason. A pop-superstar like him will not need a prost*tute to please him, he could ask that from any damn girl. 

What did Lakshit tell him? What kind of contract did he make with the popstar? 

I have heard that Sian is a womanizer, but there is no insufficient women in his life that will make him take a route of moving towards prost*tutes. Or can he? I don't know him personally. I don't know how far he can go to claim any women. I don't know if he is the same as Lakshit. I don't know how much he can control himself when he sees beautiful women. I don't know if behind his cheerful personality is another devil side? Afterall, all the rich people are the same. If Lakshit being a businessman can do such a thing to me, then why can't Sian being a popular popstar do this, when literally every girl wants to be his muse?

My mind is getting flooded with all these questions, which are non stop. It's this time that the prost*tutes have bought me inside and am sitting still thinking about what happened out there with me. The two must be talking with each other, and I'm thinking about how much I am being sold off to Sian? 

The prost*tutes take off my clothes and make me wear something light on my body. My performance costume is taken off me and I'm taken to a bath. A bath filled with milk and roses, fragrant and blissful. I only think about Sian, his deep set eyes, his manly aura and irresistible charm. 

They poured loads of milk and rose on me, cleaning me off. My scars hurt a lot. My bruises sting. I wince in pain, clenching my teeth as tight as I can. My beautiful silky long hair is left on its own. They make me wear a beautiful long skirt made up of satin and a white satin blouse on it. A red lipstick as usual is applied. I'm ready, ready to be sold off to him. 

I'm taken out by the others and Lakshit makes me sit on the chair in front of Sian. 

I lift my eyes up to see him only to notice that he is also looking at me, but turns the other way when I catch him doing that. I lower my gaze then, it's pretty uncomfortable. 

"Sian, here," Lakshit hands over to Sian a file, maybe of the selling contract. 

By the time Sian is reading the papers, Lakshit sits beside me and presses my hand tightly, I try to free my hand from his grasp, but only he comes near me and starts to whisper in my ear," Remember, you b*tch, even if I am selling you off, you will still remain mine, I will still come to you sometimes, because I can't take you off from my head," he is bringing dirty goosebumps all over my body. He continues," I love your smell, and I'll always remember it," he says as I look at him with rage in my eyes, getting an urge to slap him right here. 

"Where do I need to sign?" Sian asks Lakshit, after he reads it all, turning the pages one by one. His voice is so gravely-deep, se*y, which suits his personality so well. Did he notice what Lakshit was doing to me? But what difference can it make? He is the same. He is buying me, that means he is no better than Lakshit. 

"Yes, here, below," Lakshit tells him. Sian glances at me one more time. 

It's the eye contact that is making me go crazy. I can feel him touching me with his eyes, which seems pure. There's something about him that's driving me so deep into him. Not because he is a superstar or a popular person, but because of how gorgeous of a person he can be. 

He signs all the papers and gives them back to Lakshit. I can see the happiness on Lakshit's face. The pleasure of winning. His eyes go big and I can see the madness in his eyes as he turns the papers only to find Sian's signature on them, which must have made his day. 

I try to peep inside the contract to see for how much this bas*ard have sold me off and what's exactly written in that, the conditions, the terms, the rules and every possible thing, but I'm not able to see a thing. 

"Now you can take her," Lakshit pulls me up harshly where he is standing and pushes me forward towards Sian. 

I try to balance myself and don't fall on him. I take a break from falling and control my legs. Sian stands there unbudged. O fidget with my dress, adjusting it uncomfortably in nervousness. 

I give a last look at Lakshit, filled with anger, rage, fire and hate. He notices that and laughs, pouting his lips to give me a flying kiss and then comes near me as he sees Sian walking past me to open the door of his luxe car. 

"Enjoy your days with the popstar, angel," he nudges me and takes the smell of my hair, like a drug to him and then again pushes me. I'm about to fall again, but again I balance myself. I try not to resist so much to go with the popstar as it will only cause harm to my mother. 

I walk towards Sian as he stands there, while his driver has opened the door of the car for me. When I reach the car's door, I look at Sian, above, as his height is so much and he gestures to me to sit inside without saying a word and then he slams the door behind me after I'm seated. He comes the other way round and sits beside me in his car, in the backseat. My breath hitches and halts there. I can't take it. I shift a little towards the car door and he watches me while doing so. 

I can see that he is uncomfortable too. He says," Make yourself comfortable," and then looks the other way, in the window. 

As he says this, I turn my face to face him, about why he is being so polite to me, but he has already turned his face the other way, maybe to make me feel good. Why does he care if I'm comfortable or not? Or is it just a starting thing to show his concern and when he rips me off later like Lakshit did, he will be the same devil from hell? I can't understand him! What is he? 

Why is he being so chivalrous when he can literally start to rip me off and behave brutally with me since this moment as he has bought me? I try to fathom the things, but I'm reminded of my past, of how I got here, in the brothel, what's my story, as the car starts to move into the beautiful mountains. The past visions start to appear before my eyes. Protection Status