Meeting the family


It took Ethan over twenty minutes to arrive at Camilla's home. It was all shabby: the building, the parking lot- in fact, the entire street. It looked to him as if the entire apartment building itself had not been painted for years. The windows, if they depicted the interior of this place, showed a lack of care as well, since many sported no drapes. The curtains Ethan did see were torn and stained.

Camilla had been waiting for him beside the grocery store on the down floor of her apartment building. When she saw him she hesitated, unable to decide whether to walk towards him or wait till he noticed her.

Luckily for her, he noticed her almost immediately and signaled her to come to meet him.

"Get into the car." He did not bother opening her door for her. "This place is a dump."

"Yes, l know. No need to rub it in" Camilla replied with a straight face.

"Why do you stay here, considering how dangerous the environment is?" Ethan marveled, he would not be caught
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