The Roommate
The Roommate
Author: FossilFlame

The Unexpected Guest

Chapter 1:

"Geez babe, you should've heard Natalie today! She looked right at Mr. Hanks and said, you know, I'm pretty sure the whole reason your eyes are brown is because not even your body can handle your bullshit!" Randy's laugh echoed throughout the room, hard and loud as if his story contained the funniest joke known to man.

It left the table feeling slightly hollow and as Kaitlyn looked up from her meal, she could only offer a small simper. Her cobalt blue eyes fluttering as she watched her fiancé bellow from across their small oak table. 

While she hadn't fully understood his animated story about work, she admired the sparkle in his crinkled brown eyes. His entire face lit up when he laughed, as if it took years off his profile. Kaitlyn never tired of seeing it.

She had loved his smile when she was only a mere twelve years old... and she loved it now.

"Natalie," the name wasn't foreign on her tongue these last few months, she almost wanted to meet the girl. "She seems to have gotten pretty bold lately." The observation followed a quick stab of a carrot before she plopped it happily into her mouth. "I remember when you said she was as silent as a mouse, I'm glad she's finally fitting in at work." She smiled.

Randy seemed to perk up at that, shrugging his broad shoulders with a mega watt smile. "Yeah. She's definitely come out of her shell. I remember when she was quiet and would just sit in her office doodling rather than talk to us. But she's actually hilarious. She's basically the best part about the office."

Well, that one kind of stung. Wiping her mouth slowly, Kaitlyn nodded.

"I guess she just took some time to get comfortable," Kaitlyn answered, her voice soft. But as her fingers gently began to tap the table, she found herself hoping to change the subject from the blonde art therapist to their future wedding plans. She had nothing against the girl, but her anxiety was grabbing hold of her.


It was getting worse as time went on, impatience a drug that dropped low in her stomach every time Randy came home these days.

"I was looking at table cloths today, different settings too," her mouth opened on its own accord, the bravery she felt fading when Randy stared at her blankly.

His smile was gone.

He never seemed to smile at her anymore, unless he was talking about work. 

"Settings for what?" he asked his thick brows knitting as he chewed his food noisly, "I like the table cloth we have now. It looks good in the kitchen...  I think."

Kaitlyn couldn't help but giggle and shake her head. Red locks weaving over her shoulders as she stared in wonderment at how her sweet fiance could always be so dense. "I meant settings for our wedding, Randy! The decorations are important."

The way his chewing drew to a snail's pace was odd, but she kept smiling regardless. She couldn't contain her excitement to discuss it with him. 

Randy only stared at her though before swallowing. "Ah, I'm an idiot. Did you find anything you like?"

"Yes, quite a few things actually!! I thought about pink, but I know how much you hate that color... so I found some neutral reds or maybe even lavender to off set the white? I have the samples in my purse. I wanted to get your opinion before I finalized it since it's going to be the best moment of our future marriage!" Kaitlyn was positively buzzing in her seat, ready to grab her purse the minute he expressed interest.

And yet, he didn't.

Randy finished his last bite of his juicy sirloin and let his utensils drop on the empty plate with a cough. "I see. Well, as much as I appreciate your... thoughtfulness, I trust your taste. Pick whatever you want," he assured with a slight smile.

Kaitlyn resisted the pull on her lips, fighting the urge to frown. After all, she should be happy Randy had such blind faith in her taste...right? Then again, he seemed to have the same answer when it came to anything about their wedding. Nonchalant, almost disinterested.

She picked at her remaining carrots. "I just thought you might want to give an opinion, you know, be more involved…" she trailed off with a forced smile, but she recovered quickly enough. Her long lashes stared at him with intent. Determined. "Actually, I also narrowed down the list of places for the venue. We can go over those tonight, together since-"

Randy held up his hand and she shut up mid sentence. "Sorry, K. I need to continue editing my paper for the firm tonight, I'm featured in our journal, remember? I don't have time. Maybe next time?"

Kaitlyn deflated like a balloon. Her pink petal lips lost the battle--the frown on her face apparent to the world as her brows furrowed.

"Randy..." she started, feeling...well, she didn't know what she was feeling. "We've been stuck planning this wedding for 6 years. Not one, not two. But six. Couldn't you give me just fifteen minutes of your time? That's all I'm asking."

She wasn't sure how he was feeling but as he reached over and took her tender hand into his own, her heart hurt. But it was so, so hard, to stay mad.

Randy sighed. "I know it's been hard, hell frustrating, but I really have to make this deadline. My boss will kill me, I'm a head researcher K, I can't jeopardize that." He answered so gently that Kaitlyn felt guilty. The young woman was always boasting with pride about how her fiancé was the one and only Dr. Randy Folts. With a grand Ph.D. in Social Psychology, he was kind and well respected in the field.

Kaitlyn admired him, she had watched him grow from the playful boy who stuck flowers in her hair, to the intelligent and kind man he was today. He was a hard worker, one of the best. However, it was this same trait that made him more inclined to do extra work to spare his colleagues and leave her wanting his attention.

She hated to admit it but she was lonely.

His next words, they didn't help that unrelenting truth.

"I swear that I'll give you my undivided attention this weekend." The promise felt rushed but Randy was grinning at her and the butterflies in her stomach acted up again.

Kaitlyn couldn't help but return his smile. How could she stay mad at him? "Okay, but you better keep your word." She said it with a loud sigh before peeking at him, serious. "But please... don't forget, okay?"

He nodded and did a small bow with his head. "I won't. Scouts honor." Randy grinned.

And all felt right with the world as she gathered up the dishes, until he blanched, faltering.

"What is it, Randy?"

Her fiancé laughed, nervous. Her stomach churned. 

"Well, actually. You'll be busy tonight anyway." He added hesitantly.

And Kaitlyn raised a single thin brow. Randy ran his fingers through his brown, slick hair. "I know I should've told you sooner, but a friend is coming to stay with us tonight. Well for more than tonight."

"What?" Kaitlyn practically yelped; blue eyes wide as saucers as she stared at him in shock.

Why did he think it was okay to just invite people unannounced? Why did she always feel like she had no true say in their own home!

Her own dissatisfaction at the words came through her sweaty palms and before she knew it, Randy was squeezing her hand before releasing her. "Sorry, Babe, but he's a friend of mine. He doesn't have a job right now and really needs a place while he looks for one... so now he has one, at least for now. It's just for a little while." Randy hurriedly explained while fixing his tie for work, taking his plate and dumping it into the sink half hazardously. 

He? A random guy was going to be in their house?

Kaitlyn sunk further into her chair. Shock and annoyance still smothering her system as she objected from her seat.

"Randy- this is ridiculous, nothing is ready for him!"

The blankets for the guest room were dirty, she had to prepare more food--the stew tonight surely was only enough for two and lastly, she had no idea about any of this!

His back was to her as he quickly slipped on his shoes. "Don't worry about that, he won't care. He's a good guy." he assured her, far too cheery for her pysche at the moment.

"So, how long is he staying with us... you said it's just for a bit?" She fished, hoping for a solid answer.

Then again, Randy was the one answering.

He turned his head and grinned. For once, it didn't bring her joy.  "Indefinitely for now?"

"Randy!!" Kaitlyn basically whined again, feeling like a toddler. "You can't just make these kind of decisions without me! It isn't fair and it's wrong!"

Giving her a glance with his crinkled eyes, the medium sized man strode over to Kaitlyn and gently gripped her shoulders. "I know I should've told you. Honestly, I was just so overwhelmed because I wanted to help him, it slipped my mind K. I'm so sorry, please forgive me," he cooed, sweet as honey, and Kaitlyn knew he did it on purpose.

Nonetheless she found her nerve slipping as she inhaled the rich smell of his cologne. His neck in her line of sight as he leaned down to give her a chaste kiss on her forehead. Then she caught him glancing at the clock on the wall.

He was pulling away.

"He should be here any minute now. I gave him a key yesterday, so don't worry about that. Just show him where stuff is and he'll be set till I get home from work."

The nerves were back.

"W-Wait," Kaitlyn stuttered as she followed him out the front door. "Where are you going?"

"Sorry, I'm going to work on my paper at the office. It's easier for me to concentrate there," Randy apologized as his large hands grabbed his work bag and slung it over his shoulder.

Kaitlyn couldn't believe it.

"So let me get this straight, you're going to leave me to greet a stranger? By myself?" A man, at that? But she kept that to herself. Bothered as she followed him down the walkway and to his car, the stockings on her feet were scratching against the cement as she scurried behind him. A stomp to her steps as she felt more agitated than she had in a very long time. "Can't you at least wait till he gets here?"

Randy just shook his head, the sound of the car unlocking abnormally loud to her. "Nope, you'll be fine. Sides' the sooner I finish, the sooner I can come back home. That's what you want right?" He said it flipplantly as if he was immune to her worries and tossed his bag into the passenger seat.

"Seriously, you'll be fine. You'll like him." He gave her a short wave and leaned out to give her a kiss on the cheek before he all but disappeared into his car.

Kaitlyn watched, bewildered, as he drove away. She stood there, her pink nails picking at her stockings as she waited until his car vanished from view. Her heartbeat so slow, she felt she might faint. "I don't even know his name," she murmured as if Randy could somehow answer.

"It's Jackson," But it definitely wasn't Randy who spoke.

Jumping back, Kaitlyn nearly slipped on her ass. And she would've too, if not for the stranger's long lithe fingers catching her arm. Her eyes met his stark emerald ones ( such a stunning color ) and her breath hitched. He towered over her by at least a foot or so, though part of his height may have been due to his choppy, spiked up charcoal hair. Messy, yet handsome. A stark difference than the usual sunshine disposition Randy carried.

The tall man had an almost.. playful smile. "Jackson, nice to meet you, though you're a tad bit clumsy, don't you think?"

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