The bags under her eyes left her feeling ragged. Bringing her fingertips up to her face, she rested them there, against the darkened flesh. Patting away a dollop of concealer as she hid her sleepless night away from the prying eyes of her office.

Every time she went to close her eyes, she saw Randy. She couldn't stop remembering the look on his face when he pushed her away, the anger on his face as recoiled away into the vase.

That desperate to get away from her. 

Where had the love in his eyes gone? When had they stopped being so gentle?

The hollow feeling in her chest was consuming. And as she checked for phone for the hundredth time, she could only stare in silence.

He hadn't returned any of her texts or calls in the last 24 hours. Randy had never even texted her to assure her that he had arrived safely to...wherever he went. She was sure he thought she was ungrateful and couldn't

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