The Guests

"Jackson! Is this where you ran off to hide?"

Kaitlyn watched, perplexed, as the girl with bouncy chocolate locks all but skipped over to Jackson. The brunette’s small hands falling on his shoulders as she wrapped around him in a hug. The atmosphere was intimate, a closeness that Kaitlyn couldn't quite place. 

Taking a small sip of water, Kaitlyn ignored the weirdest hint of irritation she felt at the close contact between them.

Her lashes narrowing as she noted that Jackson sure was chummy with women.

It was a weird feeling, one she hadn't been expecting.

Frowning, she set down her water bottle with a small thud.

“Jeez, it’s been way too long. I’ve missed my other half.”

Kaitlyn didn't have time to reflect on her words, surprised when those wide eyes went her way instead. The blonde from earlier followed her, his smile significantly more tense than the woman’s. But maybe it was just her im

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Sarah Winekoff
I’m really loving all of these characters !! And how Kaitlyn is mingling, but I can help but get more anxious as time goes on ......

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