Chapter 63: 


 It had been almost two weeks now.

And Kaitlyn thought she’d feel better by now, but it was like living in a hell she couldn’t get out of.

She didn’t remember Randy hurting this much, even though she was sure it did. But this time, there hadn’t been a Jackson to soften the hurt. It felt like she’d never get better.

And that was why as she stared up at the building near his workplace, she was clutching at her purse. She had heard from Hannah that he was giving side lectures here now, and the idea of seeing him made her heart race.

She pushed through the doors of the community college and glanced around. The white halls were eerily deserted. Kaitlyn supposed the emptiness was because the students were still on their holiday vacation. She wondered why Jackson would be here then, but she didn't want to question Hannah's information. She barely had any i
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