The Art Therapist : Cunning

Chapter 75:

"She wasn't happy that I left."

"When is she ever happy with you?" 

Natalie countered with a sigh.  

They were sitting together in her apartment, her body snuggled close to him. He froze at her words, as if they struck him like a brisk slap.

Those delicate fingers twirled around in her hair. 

"You could give your life for her and she'd still find something to nag you about. It's kind of sad..." Her whispered words were so sweet despite their message. 

"S-She didn't nag me," Randy defended, trying to understand why Natalie would say something so cruel about his fiance. 

Randy knew Kaitlyn wasn't like that. She was the most patient woman he knew. She was always putting up with his absences and long work hours without complaint. Her smile always on her face whenever he came through the door.

Well... except lately. It felt like every time he came home, there was a fight. 


The book is finally coming to an end! There's two more chapters left and it'll be done. I hope these chapters answered any questions about the Natalie and Randy arc, I'd love to hear your feedback. Thank you all for any gems, comments and reviews left for my work.

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