With You

Chapter 76: 

When she finally sat down at home, it was like everything had suddenly caught up to her, snagging her down by her ankles. 

Tears had fell from her eyes, and she had held onto Jackson, desperately. The harsh images she had seen, the violate relationship brought back unwanted memories. 

She wondered, if that broken scene she'd witness between Randy and Natalie, had been how Jackson had viewed her and Randy? Was it as heartbreaking to watch? 

She hadn't asked that though, no matter how much she wanted to. Because as he cuddled her close, and she wrapped herself up in the scent she had come to love, she knew it just didn't matter anymore. 

And this time? She truly felt that way. It was like the sound of a chapter closing, and all the new pages were just of Jackson. And she couldn't help but be grateful for that. 

Randy was gone. 

Natalie was gone. 

So, too, would Josh. She had no

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