Epilogue: Our Night

Epligue ( 77 ):

It was everything she had ever wanted.

Kaitlyn had never known she could be so happy.

Kaitlyn breathed in. Her world coming together as she held her chin high. She was dressed to the nines, gliding in time with the music as her mermaid style dress flowed around her. It was white with pink lace, and she still wore the red heart necklace over the open V-Shaped bodice. She felt like a real princess then, the audience gaping at her as her curled red hair spilled from her pink diamond rose clip.

Her arm was laced with Joshua, who was prepared to walk her down to the alter.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. "I'm sure you wish your father or uncle could've been the one to.."

He started, but Kailtyn smiled. Cutting him off. "No, this is perfect. You're exactly who I wanted to be here."

Joshua quieted down then. And then, to both of their nerves, the music started. Josh began walking beside her as he tried to hide the flustered crinkle to his eye
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Kimi Hernandez
Really great story!
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Mikki Celeste
Excellent story, a real page turner. I really enjoyed this book. kind of sad it's ended, now I'll have to find another . Thank you for sharing your talent, I will be reading more of your novels.
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