Beauty in the woods
Beauty in the woods
Author: Chronique de Caro Line


Everyone has known the story of Sleeping Beauty—a princess, gifted with beauty and brain, who was later on cursed to sleep until her true love woke her up with a kiss. In the story, Aurora, the princess, was pricked by a spindle on her 16th birthday and slept for a hundred years. In addition to the love story, there were fairies, briar patches, and an evil witch who could turn into a dragon.

There was another version of the story where there were no briar patches and an evil witch, instead it was an evil queen, the first wife of the king. The original version of Sleeping Beauty was all about a girl named Talia who was gifted with everything.

Xia Meilin's story was more on the original side of the story but instead of a king, it was a devil who devoured her.

Gifted with riches and everything, Xia Meilin didn't lack anything. During her high school, she was a girl with a title of 'Sleeping Beauty' because of the fact that this beautiful girl loved to sleep. Her love for sleep was such that every time someone saw her in school, they would always catch her sleeping in the class or in the library.

Xia Meilin didn't think much of anything, she didn't care about her surroundings. Her family was rich, she was beautiful and blessed with a good brain; who wouldn't be jealous of her? Well, a lot of girls were, including some of her closest friends. 

Instead of being pricked by a splinter of flax just like what happened to Aurora and Talia, ignorant of what was about to befall her, Xia Meilin was drugged by none other than one of her closest friend, Lin Qingge. She had her evil intention which was in cahoot with her father, Lin Jinhao.

With the help of Lin Qingge's father, Xia Meilin was brought to a hotel room. 

Lin Jinhao, Lin Qingge's father was a businessman who was in pursuit of beneficial collaboration for his growing business. So he used this opportunity to send Xia Meilin as a gift to a person he wanted to please. 

Xia Meilin believed in true love and had hoped to end up with a prince charming at a later point in her life. But instead of being woken up by a kiss from a prince, Xia Meilin woke up and found herself being defiled by a man she had never met. Since she was drugged by an aphrodisiac and under its influence, she could only cry as her body craved the pleasure from the man. She didn't say no neither did she pushed him away, the strength of her body left her because of the drug that was making every touch of the man against her body so irresistible.

When morning came, she found that she was alone in the room. With all the things that happened last night, Xia Meilin could only cry. How did this happen? She remembered being at the party, then Lin Qingge gave her a drink. It has to be the drink; it has to be her. Lin Qingge! She was betrayed by a friend she saw as a sister and her purity was now stolen by an unknown man. 

After calming down, she noticed a piece of paper on the pillow next to her, it was a cheque with a hundred thousand RMB written on it. She took the cheque and looked at the name on it. 

The cheque was signed by Lu Yifeng.

Lu Yifeng? 

The Lu family was known to be the most powerful family in the business world. Everyone knew who Lu Yifeng was. He was not a prince or a king, he was a devil! 

Despite being a very handsome man, Lu Yifeng was rumored to be a playful womanizer! He was known to be a dissolute person connected with different kinds of rumors!

She was not wakened up by a handsome prince but by a devil--no, not waken up, she was raped by him just like what happened to Talia.

What could she do? She was powerless compared to the man. Even if she wanted to sue him right there and then, the Xia family cannot stand against the Lu family despite being elite as well. The Lu family is on a totally different level! Even her grandpa and brother would not dare to cross with them! 

Xia Meilin cried for the loss of her innocence. She wanted to make those who messed with her pay, but how could she go against someone who was way out of her league?! 

She cried whilst she thought. And then she came to a decision. Very well, if she couldn't get her revenge on Lu Yifeng, then she was going to pour out her anger to Lin Qingge and her family! With her family's status, the Lin's were beneath her. They dare mess with her, then let them face the consequence too!

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