CHAPTER 15. Leaving (Again.)


It was time. To leave or being Kicked out. He was throwing me away. And honestly I'm not shocked. I am rather very relieved. That I don't have to face him everyday. I will live on my accords, he wanted to change my name and change my personality, I'll make him regret it. Because if Roseanna is gone, then thier is no goodness in me my mom's name was everything for me. 

"Are you leaving? Now?" I heard aunt Shelly on the door when she turned to look at her. I kept everything already. And was on the floor again. She came walking towards me and sat near my crossed legs. "Baby, what happened earlier? Was it something Lia did? Is that why you had a fight?" She asked me, when I shook my head, "No he is just a jerk. That's all." I said, when she smiled

"He is not a jerk baby girl. He is just unusual. He is not like normal-" 

"Aunt, Shelly, seeing you taking his side is the last thing I want to do before I get kicked out from the house. Pl

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