CHAPTER 36. Wedding Arrangements

CHAPTER 36. Marriage arrangements. 


I told him, when he raised his brows in realisation, and started to put efforta on his head on what he can do. While I sat up wrapping the sheet around me, walking back and forth in room thinking what can i do? I can't wear shits out! I can't wear his clothes! 

"Can't you ask your aunt or others for getting me some clothes?" I asked him when he shook his head, "Never, I can't tell them, they will be laughing stock." 

"But we are married, who cares?" I asked him when he thought again, keot staring at me while his mind kept waking around all the places. While mine was blank. "What about your brother's girlfriends? I am sure that they will have something." I asked when be shake his head again, "Just wear my clothes, its okay, we are couple. We can share our clothes there is nothing to be so concern and hyped about." He explained and tried to calm me, which seem like he was trying more to calm

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