Chapter 19

(Izobel’s POV)          

I went back to the meeting room with a blank face. Amber’s news gave my heart a shock that I could not concentrate anymore. Connor marked a wolf from a pack that we never knew of. What will happen now to him? What will happen now to our family?

‘Everything alright, Izobel?’

‘Not now, Ethan,’ I begged him, answering him in my thoughts and avoiding his glances.

He cleared his throat, turning his gaze on the slide still projected on the board—the grand opening of the portal, and they already had set a program on it. The Convergence of the Undead.

I propped my elbow on the table and looked at it. If I were to ask, I was not comfortable with the event.

What if it would really open the portal?

‘Worried?’ He asked again, but this time I ignored him. I have a much bigger problem than this mar

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