Chapter 30

(Izobel’s POV)

“Dinner over bonus and promotion?” Ryzen’s eyes were sparkling as he nudged me. “What’s in you, Izobel?”

“Would you go out with him again, Izobel?” asked Asia as we all prepared to return to our office.

I glanced at Kevin, who was still talking with his team, and he seemed to know I was looking at him. He glanced my way, nodded as he acknowledged me, and smiled. Heat crept my face, causing my cheeks to turn apple red.

“Izobel,” Ethan called, and he didn’t need to finish what he wanted to say. I turned to Asia and Ryzen. “Go ahead.”

Ryzen rolled his eyes. “Let me borrow your beauty and charisma for one day, Izobel. Just one day.”

“You’re crazy,” I muttered, shaking my head as I laughed at him. “See you later.”

I walked towards Ethan, and though I wanted to avoid him, I was curious

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