Chapter 77: Rescue

Rui's hand trembled as she held onto Chase's phone which was ringing nonstop. She thought that if something bad were to happen to her son, he would immediately call his dad, not her. Eon wouldn't want to worry her so he would definitely call his dad. She knows her son like the back of her hand. And she could only pray that he is safe. But her hopes were completely shattered the moment that an unknown number called her husband.

Chase rubbed her shoulders. “Go answer it, honey. It must be Eon.”

She nervously pressed the answer button and said, “Hello?”

“Am I talking to Rui Yoon?”

“Yes, I am Rui Yoon.”

“I have your son here with me. If you want to get him back, bring the heirloom that your grandfather gave you. The golden safe box.”

Rui felt her chest tighten when she heard that someone kidnapped her son for their heirloom. She anxiously breathed as she tried to compose herself. She still has to be strong. She could not let herself fall. Not until her son is safe and sound.

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