Hayley tried to get the thought of Kane being forced to take a mate out of her mind.

She didn't think it mattered to her, because she knew that if the Alpha should choose a mate. It wouldn't be her.

Alison, one of the court guards, Sora another court guard, or maybe even Davina, would be the option from what she just saw in the office.

Hayley could see it now.

Davina 'the queen luna'. Telling them that if they weren't pretty enough, they would be banished. Or if they were prettier than her, their heads would be chopped off.

"Hey," a voice said.

Hayley already knew that it belong to Axel, the Alpha's little brother.

“Hey, Axel." Hayley greeted.

Her tone was soft, as she was on the verge of crying.

"O- or you ok. Your voice seems."

"I'm fine Axel, it's my monster voice." She told him.

Axel raised a brow at her. “Why did you say my name like that?"

"Because I am a monster, not a wolf or human, but a monster." Hayley told him.

Axel smiled. “You’re not."

"Yeah, you know me,'
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