For the first time in so long, Hayley was having a somewhat of a pleasant dream. Even though her instinct was telling her it's not real and not to get too comfortable.

("Hello." Hayley called out, walking around what seem to be an abandoned castle.

The only sounds she could hear were water dripping loudly somewhere, rats squeaking and the window blowing wildly through the broken windows.

"Hello?" Hayley called again, when she heard giggling and followed it.

When she entered through the doorway, the scene shifted.

She was no longer in the castle but outside, to where she saw two women speaking.

One seem to be glowing, and floating before the woman who was dressed in a uniform, bleeding and holding onto her side.

Hayley knew instantly that it was the moon goddess, but she didn't know who the other woman was.

"Please, I don't know who you are. But I beg you to save me, spear my life."

As the moon goddess smiled upon the wom

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