"Hayley, you need to wake up." Kane shook her from her sleep.

Hayley groaned, rolling over, "no."

"Yes, you have work and if you are late, I have to listen to Conrad complain."

"Work!" Hayley sat up in bed at that.

"Yes, so go get ready." Kane told her, getting off the bed.

Hayley hurried to get ready, then rushed from the house. Making it just in time for her shift to start.

There wasn't much to do, just to walk around and make sure that there wasn't any funny business going on.

Mainly to make sure no were kinds tried to sneak in or out and tried to steer away any wondering humans.

Even though Hayley was included in the 'make sure no one tries to leave', she found it somewhat ironic.

She always wanted to leave, now she had to make sure no one did. She also had to make sure that parties are turned off when they should.

Which earned her the name party police, or party pooper. But she was more than glad to

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