Instead of going back to the place she had called home for some many years, Hayley continued on. Determined to find somewhere else to live, but she soon felt sluggish.

Which caused her to stay in the same cave she stumbled upon for two days.

All she did while there was cry, feel sorry for herself, eat wild berries and cry some more.

She would also hide whenever she thought she heard voices and cry some more.

On the third night, she was trying to get a fire going, but failed miserably because she didn't know what to do.

And because of that, she was on edge, wondering if the vampire would find her, thinking that he would come for her anywhere she was.

Doubting the pack could stop him, or even would stop him now that she wasn't a member anymore.

Suddenly she dubbed over, dropping to the ground, and held onto her stomach. It felt as if she had been kicked with large, heavy metal boots.

Hayley began to convulse, and could feel

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