"So you are human?" The man asked.

"And you tried to kill us." Hayley responded.

"I honestly didn't know what I was doing. My mind was clouded."

"Right." Hayley gave him a sideways glance to see him looking all over the place.

"So how come they allowed a human to live amongst them?"

"I am not human."

"Then how come the wolfsbane didn't affect you?"

"I will answer your questions when we are in a more private setting. I have some questions for you as well. I also need to get you some clothes, can't have you naked all the while."

Hayley looked down at her hands, wondering why the wolfsbane didn't affect the rogue wolves.

"Are they going to kill me?"

"I won't allow them to." Hayley told him.

Hayley stopped just outside the pack house and turned to him.

"Listen Maxwell, you are about to meet the Beta. Don't give in to him, ok?"

"How do you know my name?" Maxwell asked.

"I have my ways, but d

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