Chapter 196- Power

Cocking her head, Livia frowned at him. "I don’t understand." Her eyes went wide as it hit her. "Oh my god, I get it. So, if they make vampires popular in movies and books, demons will become stronger because more humans are glorifying them. Same for witches and werewolves and everything else, yes?"


"Holy shit. I wonder how much I affected them in my Twilight phase as a kid."

Joseph growled, "Those fucking movies! The "vampire" and "werewolf" demons were out of control. The "underworld demons" were pissed. They’d been top dogs for most of what"—he glanced at Leon—"like the last thousand years?"

"Mm, thereabouts, yes."

"Wait. Did I hear you say ‘top dogs’?" she asked, ignoring the twilight thing in favor of something more important.

"Yes, but now anymore," Leon nodded.

“Spiteful little fuckers, really. And always hungry!” Joseph pointed to a few thin white scars crisscrossing the back of his hand, scars she’d somehow never noticed before. “They like people meat, and they are
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