9. With your lips

Chapter 9

-Anastasia’s POV-


My head spun like I was thrown into a washing machine.


I bet the heat of my body could burn up a rock.

Was a fever this uncomfortable?

I didn’t remember what a fever felt like. I was always strong. Barely ever caught the flu.


Farisa was calling me. I wanted to answer her but I couldn’t control my body. I felt like in a tumbling cloud where lightnings and thunders couldn’t stop and I was tortured.

“Anastasia, wake up!”

I couldn’t! I wanted to scream but my mouth shut tight. Soaked in sweat, I knew there must be something wrong with me. A fever wouldn’t kill you.

“Anastasia, I am here.”

Who was that?

It was a familiar voice. Somehow it had a magical power which led me to deep sleep.

I remembered what I had done before.

I thought I could bury myself now. If I could.

Back to last night.

“I understand. Everyone has secrets. What do you want?”

“I want you to help me avoid tomorrow’s fight.” I clenched my fists and quickly loosened them when I saw Farisa in pain.

I hurt her.

“It’s not hurt.” She faked a smile and patted my shoulders. She was trying to look normal but I knew she was just comforting me. To assure her, I pretended to be okay with it and went on.

“Well. I just can’t fight tomorrow. Could you help me?” I stared into her gentle eyes and got the answer I expected.


She quickly jumped off the couch and hurried to the big bookshelf opposite to us.

“I remember my parents have created a pill," she shouted when she was busy looking for the medicine.

“It will make you look like you have a fever, but actually you won’t. You just look ill.” Her voice faded when she suddenly jumped up and waved her hands to me. “Come on!”

I hurried to her and saw a little bottle of white pills in her palm.

“Take it," she said firmly and lifted up her head.

“You will have the same symptoms as you have a fever, but you will be fine.” She hurried to the side table and grabbed her cup of tea. “I don’t care why you want to skip the fight.” She stared into my eyes. "But I will help you.”

I felt a current of warmth flowing into my heart just like the water flowing down my throat. I took two pills just in case that one pill wouldn’t work. Farisa tried to stop me but I said I would be fine and quickly swallowed them.

She pursed her lips, looking at me worriedly.

“Relax. It’s not you who will look ill,” I told her and  blinked my eyes at her, making her sigh.

The next morning. I got up feeling exhausted. Farisa handed me a cup of warm water and hurried me to drink it.

But it didn’t work.

“You look not good, Anastasia.” Farisa’s eyebrows came together. She was worried about me.

“I’m fine. Let’s go.”

I headed to the school with Farisa supporting me. I tried to walk normally but she said I looked like a drug addict.

“You can’t make it.”

“I can. I must let them know I am sick….” Biting my lips, I knew I had to show up on the training field otherwise my absence would cast questions into everyone’s mind.


“Everyone comes to the training field. The training will start in five minutes," a voice from the speaker said loudly. I could tell it was Ajax.

We gathered up on the field. I held my breath, trying hard not to throw up. Ajax walked to me and furrowed his brows. But he didn’t say anything and just left.

Oh, brother.

Just before we started training, Alpha Aiden came. “Anastasia, come with me. Everyone else, stay put.”

He glanced around and nobody dared to make noise in front of the Alpha.

I swallowed and knew they must have noticed I was sick. Thank God.

I walked behind Alpha Aiden and followed him into his office. I collided with his back when he suddenly stopped.

I couldn’t hold it back anymore and threw up at the plant that was in the corner.

I bet you were well tended, orchid. Sorry about that.

“What’s wrong? Why do you look sick overnight?” He rushed to me and held my waist, walking me to the crouch. “Lie down.” He helped me lie flat and poured me a cup of water.

But it was of no avail.

The water spilled all over the side table because I suddenly pulled him to me. He tripped over and lay on top of me before he could react to everything.

“Are you okay?” His ocean blue eyes blinked with worry inside. The way he furrowed was also heart gripping to me...I knew, I always knew. From the very start, I wanna dive into the ocean of his eyes and made him only look at me. Weird feelings, right?

“I wasn’t okay.” I answered him in my mind. At the same time, my wolf Amy was trying to say something but I ignored her or I should say I couldn’t hear what she was yelling.

I felt an extreme heat churning in my stomach. I didn’t know what the feeling was. I just knew I wanted something.

Somehow his scent could comfort me so I pulled him closer and buried my head in his neck. 

He smelt like my favourite cake, my favourite music and my favourite scenery...I didn’t know why a man’s scent could give me so many messages but one thing was for sure. He was my favourite.

“Anastasia?” He tried to touch my forehead to feel my temperature but I stopped him by hugging him tightly.

“Tell me what’s wrong.” His melodious voice echoed in my ears. My ears twitched when his breath itched them. I suddenly had an impulse to block his mouth. The damn mouth made me uncomfortable and made my face heated up again.

And so I blocked it.

With my lips.

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