Chapter 58 Mountain Hawk

Zhuang Lin smiled as he spoke to Lynx while clapping his hands, "Perfect! Lynx, this is a good item. The water within will quickly seep into your skin and flesh, making you no different from an ordinary person. However, as long as you harden your penis, the water will reform and form a new tumour, with which you will have sex with a woman. I believe that you will have a special feeling." He seemed to be satisfied with his work.

"What do you think? Are you satisfied with my reward?"

After hearing his words, not to mention the Lynx, even Yu Cheng, who was watching the show, couldn't help but shiver. His hands trembled slightly and he almost dropped the basin in his hands.

"Humph! Do you think that I will believe in your words? It's just a tumour. And every doctor can treat it, okay?" Zhuang Lin's words were extremely bizarre. So Lynx took it as a threat.

Seeing that Lynx did not believe him, Zhuang Lin shook his head indifferently. Then, he smiled and said, "Is that so? You can lower you
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