Chapter 69 Medical Virtue

After the wisp of vital energy entered the body of Fang Qing's father, under the control of Zhuang Lin, it moved slowly in various parts of Fang Qing's father's body. First, it was his heart, liver, spleen, spleen, stomach, stomach, and kidneys. Then it was transferred to his blood vessels. Except for some ordinary diseases, there was nothing unusual.

If he found something unusual, it would be normal. But these ordinary diseases could not cause Fang Qing's father to fall into a coma for a long time. From this point of view, there was something wrong.

"Something's wrong, there must be something wrong. But what's the problem?" Zhuang Lin frowned tightly and continued to mobilize his Original Qi to search the body of Fang Qing's father.

Fang Qing stood off to the side, holding her breath and waiting nervously. When she saw him frown, her heart couldn't help but clench. Even Chu Wan's face darkened.

Although Zhuang Lin had yet to say anything, the two of them were able to tell that Zhuang
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