Chapter 71 Disciple of the Miracle-working Doctor

Director Qiu had never been in a bad mood as he was today. He had practiced medicine for decades and was about to retire. But at this time, he found that there was such a thing that could humiliate the hospital he loved. He was angry and afraid.

"Young man, how can you prove that this little green dot is a poison?" For the sake of the reputation of the hospital, he could only put down his dignity and make the last desperate attempt. Although he knew that if he did so, it was very likely that he would have trouble sleeping and eating in the future, he could only do so, hoping that the young man in front of him could not answer.

In fact, while Dean Qiu and several other experts were looking at the X-ray, Zhuang Lin had been watching them coldly. The changes in their expressions were captured by Zhuang Lin.

When he heard Director Qiu's question, he only felt that it was a little absurd but also a little pitiful. Poor old man, who had practiced medicine for decades, even gave up his medica
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