Chapter 82 Passion in the Office

Fang Qing laid her head on Zhuang Lin's lap and shook her head, "Zhuang Lin, I'm already very grateful that you're willing to accompany me at a time like this. There's no need for you to worry about money." She looked especially haggard.

"Where are you going to get your money now? The bank isn't willing to lend you the money. And your father's old friends are all avoiding you..." Zhuang Lin couldn't help but sigh as he looked at this mentally and physically exhausted woman.

Fang Qing suddenly sat up and became emotional. She looked at Zhuang Lin and shouted, "I said there's no need. It's my own business. I can solve it by myself."

"We did have intimate contact twice. But in this open era, what's the meaning of that? You are not mine and I am not yours. So far, apart from knowing each other's names, how much do we know about each other?"

"500 million yuan. If we want to solve the crisis of Flourishing Time Group, we need to collect at least 500 million yuan. 500 million yuan is a large
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