Chapter 103 Affection in the Villa

Chu Wan left in Tang Yuan's car. With the bodyguard called Uncle Zhao by her side, Zhuang Lin was also relieved. Although they did not fight, he had a rough estimate of Uncle Zhao's strength. He was stronger than many wolf rookies in Wolf Empire but not as good as those adult wolves. Even the top mercenaries couldn't overwhelm him.

After Fang Qing, who had been busy decorating the banquet hall with the employees of the company, received Zhuang Lin's call, she turned to a quiet aisle and asked expectantly, "Zhuang Lin, are you here?"

At the gate of Grand Heaven Building, Zhuang Lin grabbed the cell phone with one hand, looked up at the tall building in front of him, and asked, "Yes, I'm downstairs now. Do you want me to go up or will you come down?"

"Wait for me downstairs. I'll go downstairs right away." She looked around and found that the corridor was quiet without a single person in her sight. At this time, all the employees of the company were setting up a party in the restaurant.
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