Chapter 119 Cooperation

Zhuang Lin's face was stern as he spoke, "Before I say the next words, I must first ask you a few questions."

Looking at his serious face, Meng Zhenyang was surprised and confused. He didn't know what he was going to do. But he was patient. He nodded and said, "Well, just ask me."

"If you have a prescription that can be developed into a magic medicine, what will you do?"

When he heard Zhuang Lin's first question, Meng Zhenyang's face revealed a slight look of contemplation. He was over 30 years old. He was already past the impetuous age. He was calm and did not immediately answer.

Although he did not know why Zhuang Lin suddenly asked such a question, after seeing Zhuang Lin's serious expression, he confidently considered the question. If he really got such a prescription, what would he do?

Naturally, he longed for the medicine formulas, not only because it could bring him great wealth but more importantly, it could allow more people to get rid of the torment of illness. If he obtaine
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