Chapter 120 The Second Treatment

After chatting for a long time on the rooftop, Meng Zhenyang left the affiliated hospital in a hurry. As for where he went that night, no one knew except Zhuang Lin. Even when Zhuang Lin started treating Meng Xiaohua the next day, there was no trace of Meng Zhenyang.

Meng Zhenyang was a decisive person. Once he set his eyes on something, he would do it without hesitation in the slightest. This was also the thing that impressed Zhuang Lin the most.

Zhuang Lin was also thinking. He didn't even look at the prescriptions in his hands before he made this decision. Why did he trust Meng Zhenyang so much? Was it just because he had saved his son and owed him a favor that he didn't hesitate to gamble with everything he had?

He couldn't figure it out. Nor could he understand Meng Zhenyang's thoughts the same way like Meng Zhenyang couldn't see him clearly. However, it was by chance that these two men got together to plan the medicine kingdom that still existed in his fantasy.

Meng Zhenyang was
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