Chapter 150 Recruiting Security Guards

In the end, Falcon stayed. And there was another talent by Zhuang Lin's side.

Now, Zhang Lin Group had collapsed and the entire eastside District had become an ownerless place. However, after last night's storm, the leaders of the Spring City's various departments and the leader of the underground forces, Dong Hongquan, all went into seclusion obediently. No one dared to have any ideas about Eastside District.

As for the ownership of the Eastside District, it depended on Zhuang Lin's attitude now. As long as he wanted to, he could replace Zhang Dabiao and become the boss of the new underground force in the Eastside District.

On the third day after the underground forces of Eastside District washed their cards and waited anxiously, waves finally rose in Eastside District. A new recruitment notice was posted outside the bathing center, saying that they were to recruit 100 security guards.

Recruiting security guards? Which bathing center or company could use more than 100 security guards?
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