Chapter 154 Dragon Wolf Stayed

White Wolf left. He left alone. His lonely back made Chu Wan, his daughter, feel distressed for him for a long time. After struggling several times, she finally did not chase after him.

As the night grew darker, the bustling city gradually quietened down. The late autumn night had an additional chill. The autumn wind was gentle and exceptionally cold.

In the garden outside the small building, Zhuang Lin and Dragon Wolf were sitting face to face.

Zhuang Lin was the first to break the silence between the two of them. He looked at Dragon Wolf opposite him and asked, "What's your plan for the future?"

Dragon Wolf sat on a chair, looked up at the crescent moon, and shrugged, saying indifferently, "Go back to my hometown, find a job with which I can support my family, and then find a wife to make do with."

It seemed that he didn't care anything at all from beginning to end. But Zhuang Lin could still read the sadness and confusion in his voice.

Zhuang Lin did not know what mistake this fel
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