Chapter 176 Meeting Liang Luoshi Again

The riverbank was exceptionally quiet. Zhuang Lin sat on one end of the table, drinking wine by himself. Liang Luoshi sat on the other end, lightly biting her lower lip. Her beautiful eyes quietly gazed at Zhuang Lin. Within her beautiful eyes was a light of confusion. It was unknown what she was thinking.

When the first bottle in front of Zhuang Lin was about to run out, Liang Luoshi let out a deep sigh. She suddenly extended her hand and picked up the bottle in front of Zhuang Lin. Then, she retrieved another wine cup and poured the wine into it.

Zhuang Lin, who was still drinking, raised his head in surprise and saw that the beauty in front of him was holding up a glass full of wine and swallowing it.

Obviously, this was Liang Luoshi's first time drinking such strong alcohol. It was easy to imagine the consequence of gulping it down. She choked on the strong alcohol and clutched her neck with her right hand, coughing continuously. Her delicate face instantly turned red, making her l
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