Chapter 190 A Beautiful Female Killer, Mo Ye

After nearly an hour of continuous treatment, if the amount of Original Qi around Zhuang Lin was not the same as before. He would have been completely exhausted at this time. Even so, when the needles were pulled out, he was as tired as a dead dog.

The first treatment for Xiao Ying's brother with Sun-devouring Heavenly Hound Needle Technique was exceptionally effective. This boy, who already had floating pulse, started to show signs of cells regenerating in his kidney. Furthermore, his cells were also swiftly recovering.

This was a very good start. Regardless of whether it might be Xiao Ying's younger brother or Zhuang Lin, as long as the following nine treatments were as smooth as this one, it would only be a matter of time before Xiao Ying's younger brother would be completely cured.

Because of the excessive consumption of Original Qi, Zhuang Lin was almost exhausted. After the first rehabilitation, he only stayed in the ward for a while and called the nurse outside. Then he returned
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