Chapter 195 I Can't Help You

Zhuang Lin did not deny that the woman in front of him was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Everyone loved beauty, let alone a true villain like him who had never considered himself a gentleman. Looking at Liang Luoshi's beautiful face, he was actually fantasizing about making love in bed with this peerless beauty.

He knew about the story of the poisonous perfume. It was very possible that there was a fatal poison hidden underneath the beautiful disguise.

As for Liang Luoshi, she was beautiful but too scheming. If you were to walk together with her, you would be toyed with to death. Furthermore, even if you died because of her, you might still be thinking about how good she was.

Zhuang Lin laughed, spread his hands, and said with a smile, "Of course not. How can a man not be attracted by such a beautiful and excellent woman like you? I am a man with a very normal sexual orientation. I really want to be your boyfriend. But I have self-knowledge and know that I am not worthy of
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