Chapter 196 Affectionate Night

In the quiet snack stand by the riverside where the night wind blew gently, Zhuang Lin sat there silently, drinking wine. He looked at the woman in front of him and watched her pour strong wine into her mouth one glass after another.

Liang Luoshi suddenly put down the glass in her hands and raised her head, revealing her red face. She looked at Zhuang Lin with intoxicated eyes and said pitifully, "Can you hug me? I'm a little cold."

Zhuang Lin put down his cup and stared at her without saying a word.

Under his gaze, Liang Luoshi, who was slightly drunk, staggered to her feet, bypassed the chair next to her, and staggered to his side, plunging into his arms.

This warm and moist body was thrown into his embrace. It was warm and soft. Between her breath, there was a strong smell of alcohol. Other than this smell of alcohol, he could also clearly smell the refreshing scent of a virgin.

He stretched out his arms and held the soft body in his arms.

He was still sitting in the chair. When Li
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