Chapter 206 Lin Huan's Call

As the saying goes, there is no room for argument. Zhuang Lin and White Wolf were not the same kind of people. After arguing with each other for a while, Zhuang Lin chose to keep silent in the face of White Wolf, the dictator of the family.

There was no other way. They were in the Chu family and this man was Chu Wan's father. For the sake of long-term considerations, he wisely chose to shut up. Anyway, no matter what he said, he would not let this stubborn man change his opinion of him.

Zhuang Lin made his final request, "I can give up taking Wan with me. But I need to talk to her."

Originally, he thought that when he proposed this request, the domineering man in front of him would definitely refuse. But he didn't expect that after a short silence, he would nod and agree.

"Wan, come out."

Chu Wan, who had been leaning against the bedroom door and listening to the noise outside, heard her father calling her out, she immediately pushed the door open and hurried to the living room.

"Go a
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